Genuine Nova Scotia Oatcake Nutrition Facts
NutritionFacts Nutrition Facts labels are generated from online data by including all the ingredients of a recipe divided by typical serving size.

They tell a partial story leaving many of the important micronutrients in organics and other natural ingredients unquantified. Also overlooked is the relative purity of ingredient sources.

A Nutrition Facts label does however provide a reliable calorie count as well as a basic framework for comparison with other similar products. Compare the GNSO label here to other cookies and you are likely to find:
  • Perhaps fewer calories and significantly higher fiber and protein values
  • Similar or less total fat
    (all from real butter)
  • Low sodium
    (no salt added)
  • Very low sugar content
    (all from real honey & maple syrup)
Genuine Nova Scotia Oatcakes
Basic Goodness in Every Bite.