GNSO KiloCan: Zero Waste Packaging that really Works!

November 2017
We're taking orders! KiloCans remain in high demand. Let us know what you would like and where to send it.
Email: Thank you!

March 2016
That makes 12 KiloCans to Seattle in as many weeks.
Short story: passed out KiloCans to family couples at a Saturday family get together.
Four days later my daughter returned from Chester, Nova Scotia with an empty tin for refill.

January 2016
Four KiloCans are ordered from Seattle, Washington in less than two weeks — and then four more are mailed to London, Ontario and...

The Challenge
How do you package oatcakes for shipment to West Africa or Mississauga so they don't end up all in crumbs? How can you do this with materials sourced locally and without the package itself being wasteful of resources? Packaging for Nova Scotian products most likely comes from away... Conventional wisdom would use plastic trays or cases. This would create way too much garbage.

The KiloCan
Owing to our love of coffee, large clean coffee cans otherwise destined for recycling are plentiful in Nova Scotia. They make perfect containers for oatcakes, yet they still require some internal cushioning for transport. So we pack in the finest organic oatmeal serving to sweeten the oatcakes, keep them fresh and in one piece. Voilà edible cushioning!

KiloCans are available by special order. They're like the cookies and the jar all in one. A kilo of oatcakes might seem like a lot and yet in our house they are all gone in a week...

Genuine Nova Scotia Oatcakes

In Halifax $48.

Via Canada Post to anywhere in Canada or the US for $68.
Rest of world please inquire.
To order:   or call +1 902 444-4218

GNSO KiloCan Jan 22, 2015
packing the oatcakes in oats is simply brilliant - well done
Gordon Stevens @uncommongroup
Export-ready KiloCans We're Export ready!
We've shipped KiloCans to:
  • Bluffton, South Carolina
  • Cobourg, Ontario (2)
  • Dartmouth, Nova Scotia (2)
  • Dover, New Jersey (2)
  • Edmonton, Alberta
  • Fall River, Nova Scotia
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Hastings, Ontario
  • Honolulu, Hawaii (2)
  • Leiden, Holland
  • London, Ontario (4)
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Montreal, Quebec
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Nepean, Ontario (4)
  • Oahu, Hawaii
  • Pacific Palisades, California
  • Pangnirtung, Nunavut
  • Point Edward, British Columbia
  • Queenland, Australia
  • Rocky Mountain House, Alberta (2)
  • Seattle, Washington (20)
  • Tucson, Arizona (3)
  • Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Vienna, Virginia (10)

KiloCan wrapper

KiloCans work.
If the Oatcakes you receive are not basically good, or are less than satisfactory, we'll send a replacement or refund your purchase.

Via Canada Post to anywhere in Canada or the US for $68.
Rest of world please inquire.
To order:   or call +1 902 444-4218

“having a cup of tea & the best oatcake I’ve ever eaten in my life!”
Tucson, Arizona
December 18, 2014   Tucson, Arizona
My husband who is a Brit just emailed me
“having a cup of tea & the best oatcake I've ever eaten in my life!”
Blimey! Well Done!
– Joan

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