Genuine Nova Scotia Oatcake Collector Editions 2018
Three years ago in July 2014, we started labeling batches with current events, "Collector Editions", if you like.
Each batch of oatcakes is unique in time, no doubt subtly flavoured by the weather, mood and perhaps even what was listened to during its creation.

Looking back – Forty months – 200,000 Oatcakes Retrospective: 2018 | 2017 | 2016 | 2015 | 2014

“Food preparation is a sacred activity. If you could see the sparks of light going forth from the fingertips when cooking, and the energy that goes into the food you handle, you would realize how much of you imbues into the meals that you prepare for family and friends.”
– Sally Fallon Morell

Date Batch Listened to:
2018-03-10 Combos

2018-03-09 Joanne Light and Anna Kari H. Ovind
This morning, on behalf of the Nova Scotia Environmental Network and the Nova Scotia Masters Speed Skating Club, Joanne Light, NSEN Board Member and NSMSSC Member presented Anne Kari H. Ovind, the Norwegian ambassador to Canada with a KiloCan of "Genuine Nova Scotia Oatcakes" to congratulate Norway on their first place showing in the Pyeong Nang Winter Olympics. Nova Scotia weather cooperated for her visit with some lovely fresh snow, blue sky and cotton clouds.

2018-03-08 Classics
Katherine Czapp, Weston A. Price Foundation
The Good Scots Diet

2018-03-03 All Organic Buckyolas

2018-03-01 Spacecakes

2018-02-23 Blueberry Oatcakes

2018-02-22 Classics
"Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism" - Chögyam Trungpa dissects us and explodes our egos in a dazzling display of historical storytelling with beautiful lessons and Q&As.

2018-02-17 Classics

2018-02-16 Combos

2018-02-15 Organic Gingers

2018-02-12 Classic Oatcakes

2018-02-09 Cranberry Oatcakes

2018-02-08 Lavender Dreams

2018-02-04 Organic Buckyolas

2018-02-01 Blueberry Oatcakes
Timothy Morton
  • Being Ecological (RSA Replay)
    Named one of the world's most influential living philosophers, and a cross-disciplinarian who has collaborated with Björk, Pharrell Williams and Hans Ulrich Obrist, Timothy Morton is at the forefront of a group of thinkers offering new insights into ecological awareness and the human experience in the Age of the Anthropocene. In his new work, Morton confronts the information-dump fatigue of the digital age, by offering no ecological 'facts' but instead a radically invigorated and liberating approach to understanding ourselves, our interconnectedness with each other and the biosphere that sustains us.
  • in Conversation with Verso books on HUMANKIND

2018-01-25 Cranberry Oatcakes
Timothy Morton
Hyperobjects: Philosophy and Ecology After the End of the World
Audio Book

2018-01-18 Classic Oatcakes
2018-01-10 Organic Gingers
with Fresh Organic Ginger
from Abundant Acres Farm

2018-01-10 Classic Oatcakes
2018-01-10 Blueberry Oatcakes
with Nova Scotia Blueberries
Genuine Nova Scotia Oatcakes
Awesome Goodness in Every Bite.                    

A Sealevel Special Project   Photo by Chris Reardon